Announcing: Hannah Sanders at the Oxford ReLit Summer School

We are so excited to be able to announce yet another outstanding artist who will be performing at this year’s Oxford ReLit Summer School! English folk singer Hannah Sanders is fast building a reputation as one of the most exciting singers of folk song around. Her debut album Charms Against Sorrow was released in February 2015 to critical acclaim, with Mike Harding hailing it “Absolutely fantastic… Every track is a pearl!”

Hannah SandersHannah grew up travelling Europe singing unaccompanied folk songs in 4-part harmony with her family band, The Dunns. She then left music to pursue a career as a cultural anthropologist, becoming a leading expert on contemporary witchcraft and popular culture. She lived in Boston, MA where she sung with Liz Simmons (Low Lily).

Her recent return to Britain coincided with a return to folk singing, accompanied on baritone dulcimer and guitar. Following 2 well-received EPs (Warning Bells and Fate) her debut Charms Against Sorrow, produced by Ben Savage, was released on Sungrazing Records in spring 2015.

Hannah Sanders 3

Hannah’s most recent album, Before the Sun (2016) is a collaboration with artist Ben Savage. The album has met with huge critical acclaim: fRoots described it as “spellbinding”, while Maverick Magazine hailed its “magical folk harmonies.” Listen to “The Fall”, from the album Before the Sun, below:


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