2018 Summer School Schedule

Monday 6th August

10am-12:30pm: “Writing the Self Beyond the Walls”, Julie Sutherland

2:15pm-4:30pm: Girl With Dove, Sally Bayley

6pm-7pm: Play-reading and Q&A with Tom Gould, author of ‘Unpack My Heart’

Tuesday 7th August

2:15pm-4:30pm: “There is a River: Spoken Word and Music”, David Neita and Deborah Pritchard  

6pm-7pm: “There is a River”, performance by David Neita and Deborah Pritchard


Wednesday 8th August

10am-4:30pm: “The Green Radio”, Jude Cowan Montague 


Thursday 9th August

10am-12:30pm: “Writing Medea: Language, Feeling, Voice”, Ben Morgan

4:15pm-5pm: Guided Meditation with Amanda Maffett

6pm-7pm: A Musical Hall Performance by “The Roaring Hannas”


Friday 10th August

10am-12:30pm: The Art of Not Falling Apart, Christina Patterson

2:15pm-4:30pm:The Naturalist’s Journal: Documenting, Observing, Curating, Celebrating”, Suzie Hanna

6pm-7pm: Film screening of “The Blue From Heaven”, Suzie Hanna


Saturday 11th August

10am-12:30pm: “There’s Ransom in a Voice: The Nature Poetry of Emily Dickinson”, Nicole Panizza 

6pm-7pm: “Song-writing & the Short Story: Folk Melodies”, Jack Harris

Sunday 12th August

11:30am-1pm: Mary Ann Sate, Imbecile: In Her Own Voice”, Alice Jolly

2:30pm-4:30pm: “Green Poetry in the Making”, Jonathan Bate


Monday 13th August

10am-12:30pm: “Green Things: Writing Through Objects”, Sally Bayley

2:15pm-4:30pm: ReLit: Introduction and “Haiku for the Senses”, with Paula Byrne, Jonathan Bate and Julie Sutherland



The following performances will be open to the public: 


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