A Walk is Only a Step Away from a Story, and Every Path Tells… 

Patrick Leigh Fermour

“Path”, Anastasia R

You’ve been out and about this week? For some air and exercise perhaps, or to think things over? In these cluttered and complicated times walking has been taken up by even more of us. Aside from numerous guides and memoirs on walking, there are walking clubs, walking shows on TV, even walking apps. But this newly embraced way into health and well being has been with us for centuries and has often been used by that classic desk-dweller – the writer.

Duncan Minshull has published three books on the subject, including his latest BENEATH MY FEET, and he will be discussing how walking and writing go shoulder to shoulder; whether with characters in fiction who ‘foot it’ to places, or with the desk-dwellers themselves, setting off to catch various sights and sounds and experiences for their latest essay or diary entry. Desk-dwellers, that is, from Petrarch in the 13th century to Will Self in the 21st. There are countless types to follow, revealing why and how they use the simple act of walking as inspiration for their work. But, really, is it ever that simple?