Guided Meditation

Led by Amanda Maffett

Much of the time, our lives can run along well-worn tracks which carry us relatively smoothly through the world.  Inevitably, however, at some point the tracks run out or a kink occurs which throws or halts us.  As a coach Amanda works alongside individuals at times of these ‘openings’, these interruptions to the status quo.

With a background of working in the not-for-profit world and with a passion for people, Amanda has a private coaching practice as well as working as an Administrator at St Anne’s College.  Her blend of Integral Development Coaching and Generative Coaching in one-to-one sessions uses metaphor, sources from nature and the arts along with practices for the body and mind.  She finds that these approaches support lasting individual development, increasing self-awareness and an ability to self-correct and self-generate across the broad spectrum of life.

She offers a warm, firm and spacious welcome to clients and all that they bring.  In turn she brings a deep love of nature, a sense of humour and significant personal experience of insight and movement meditations, presence, yoga and active listening.

During Amanda’s session she will lead a guided meditation and talk a little about her coaching work in relation to keeping on bringing more of ourselves to the world.