Landscapes of Longing

Nature pictured in the Ballad Lyric

“She bid me take life easy
As the grass grows on the weirs
But I was young and foolish
And now am full of tears”

An Old Song Re-sung (Salley Gardens), W. B. Yeats, 1889

Robert and Suzie Hanna will present and perform as part of a workshop which will include the study of ballad lyrics written from rural and urban perspectives, all of which depict Nature as a paradigm for human desire and aspiration.

With reference to ballad melodies and meter, students will compose and record their own lyric verse. They will also each have the opportunity to create an original monoprint illustration in the style of ballad broadsheets.

ballad broadsheets

This illustration comprises broadside images from two ballads, “The Old Oak Tree” and “The Wild Rover”, circa 1850, printed by George Walker, North Shields.