Summer School 2019 Timetable

Monday 5th August

Morning: Sally Bayley, “Writing to a Rhythm”

Afternoon: Jane Draycott, “The Stillness and the Dancing”

Tuesday 6th August

All day: Suzie and Robert Hanna, “Landscapes of Longing”

Evening: Performance by Suzie and Robert Hanna

Wednesday 7th August

All day: Julie Sutherland, “Snapshots of Repose”

Thursday 8th August

Morning: Alexandra Kelly, “The Elegiac Sonnets of Charlotte Turner”

Afternoon: Jude Cowan Montague, “Love on the Isle of Dogs”

Friday 9th August

Morning: Rebecca Abrams, “Breath Taking: The Art of Silence”

Afternoon: Duncan Minshull, “A Walk is Only a Step Away from a Story”

Evening: Performance by Jack Harris

Saturday 10th August

Morning: Sarah Watling in conversation with Sally Bayley – Noble Savages: A Biography

Afternoon: Lemn Sissay in conversation with Sally Bayley – “What it Really Takes to Write Up Your Own Story” 

Sunday 11th August

All day: Charlie Lee-Potter, “The Contemplative Art of Printing”